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Ensure surfaces to be painted are clean and free of peeling paint, mould, dust, dirt, and grease. Sanding, priming, removing old paint, varnish or wax is generally not necessary, as the paint will stick to most surfaces. Occasionally, certain furniture surfaces may bleed stain through the paint. Test your piece first, and if so, undercoat the surface with a good quality primer before painting.

Stir well with a broad flat stirrer. Pour the paint out into a smaller container and reseal the tin. If a washed look is desired, thin the paint with water. If a thicker paint is needed, leave the lid off overnight. The paint will thicken over time with exposure to air. Thin from time to time with a small quantity of water to maintain it’s original consistency.

Use a good quality bristle brush or mohair roller. The paint is touch dry within 30 minutes and can be re-coated after 2 hours. Apply sufficient coats to achieve the required coverage and texture. Sanding between coats is an option where necessary to remove any unwanted material. Allow to dry thoroughly before applying a finishing sealer such as an eco-friendly non-toxic wax. After use, wash all brushes and tools in water.

Wash all brushes and tools in water. Refer to your State or Territory Land Waste Management Authority and dispose of at approved waste sites. Do not pour down the drain.

Keep out of the reach of children. Ensure adequate ventilation. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves to avoid eye and skin contact. Use a dust mask when sanding or spraying to avoid inhalation. Eyes – flush with running water. Swallowed – drink plenty of water. In both cases seek medical advice.

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