NEW - Placebo, Battle For The Sun LP

NEW - Placebo, Battle For The Sun LP

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Placebo – Battle For The Sun. Released via Elevator Lady. Available on Vinyl LP.

Originally released in June 2009 and now available on standard weight black vinyl, the sixth album from the critically acclaimed Placebo. Recorded in Canada and produced by David Bottrill, this album features the singles “For What It’s Worth”, “The Never-Ending Why”, “Ashtray Heart” and “Bright Lights”.

Tracklisting: Placebo – Battle For The Sun

1. Kitty Litter

2. Ashtray Heart

3. Battle For The Sun

4. For What It’s Worth Listen Here

5. Devil In The Details

6. Bright Lights

7. Speak In Tongues

8. The Never-Ending Why

9. Julien

10. Happy You’re Gone

11. Breathe Underwater

12. Come Undone

13. Kings Of Medicine

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