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RSD 2023

SAVE THE DATE - Saturday 22nd April 2023

This is a day for the people who make up the world of the independent record store — the staff, the customers, and the artists to come together and celebrate the unique culture of a record store and the special role these independently owned stores play in their communities.

This year the RSD peeps are really cracking down on when we can sell the titles that are for Record Store Day.

This from the RSD team all the way over in the US of A:

'stores may not take pre-orders or reservations for customers not able to come into the shop to make their purchase.
No store may hold back product to sell at a later date, either in shop or online. For clarification a shop may not reserve any product on Record Store Day i.e. stores should not hold back product for anyone even if they attend the store later in the day.
All RSD product has to be sold on a first come first served basis'

The Below titles will be available INSTORE (If we get them) from 8am on Saturday 22nd April 2023
(NOTE: Our store opens from 730am so come and grab a coffee and line up as we are NOT permitted by RSD and Record Labels from opening Upstairs before 8am)

Online Sales will be available once the date has been approved by the RSD Peeps - Stay tuned for more details

We will post the titles we have ORDERED below. (Just because we order it does not mean we will get the stock - absolute confirmation on which titles we will get may not come until the night before RSD).
Use the titles below as an indication of what might be available instore so you can plan your day. The Add to Cart Button below will be disabled until the online sales start.

Emailing or Contacting Us
You can email us regarding titles you are interested in - we will use that as a guide to ensure we order what people are looking for. Email is
Alternatively select the NOTIFY ME Option on each listing
Please refer to the above info - First in Best Dressed.

Official Record Store Day 2023 Release list can be downloaded HERE in PDF
Local Australian Release list is HERE in PDF

In the mean time head over to HERE to see all the Previous Record Store Day Releases. A bunch of them have been REDUCED TO CLEAR

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