RSD Black Friday 2022

RSD Black Friday 2022

The List of special releases is below, in a printable PDF that you can print out and use as a Wish List.

Black Friday is Friday the 26th November. Titles are generally available on that day (not before) and will be available until sold out. 

What we need you to do?
Print out the PDF and if there are any titles on the list please email us at to express your interest.
Obviously there is NO guarantee the title will arrive on time or sometimes at all.. But at least you have given us an indication of what might be popular and we base our orders on this email we get from you. You can send as many emails as you like and we will keep a list. 

Please do not comment on Facebook or Instagram.
Only emails will be accepted please - Why do we need your email? because we need your email to contact you when the titles are confirmed and we get hundreds of FB and Insta messages and we will loose yours..

(Sending an email doesn't mean you are under any obligation to buy the title/s)

Download the Black Friday 2022 list HERE