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Brand New Vinyl

NEW - Shakespears Sister - #3 LP

NEW - Shakespears Sister - #3 LP


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1000 copies only, exclusive for record store day.First time on vinyl for the third Shakespears Sister album "#3".One LP on Transparent red vinyl and the other on Transparent blue..Following the success of Hormonally Yours (2.5 million sales ), Siobhan Fahey went on to record the third in the Shakespears Sister trilogy - the sexy, glam influenced '3'.The first single, I Can Drive , was a UK top 30 hit but the album was never released UNTIL NOW.With a record sleeve by famous Brit artist Sarah Lucas, it's a beautifully packaged "must have" for any fan of the band, coming out on Siobhan's own label SF records and including a track with backing vocals by the truly legendary Billy McKenzie of The Associates.The album was mainly produced by David Stewart and 2 tracks by Alan Moulder & Flood.This release co-incides with the "Best of Shalespears Sister release which came out last year after they reformed for a tour.Includes and LP of bonus tracks, B-sides to "I Can Drive" and a tracks from the expanded CD release in 2004.



I Can Drive

Do I Scare You?

Opportunity Knockers

Can U Wait That Long?

Oh Dear

Excuse Me John

The Older Sister

Singles Party

I Never Could Sing Anyway

Dial F For Freedom


Oh No, It's Michael

What's It Like To be So Wonderful (#3 Demo Version)

Do I Scare You? (Dave Stewart Indian Strings Mix)

Do I Scare You? (Flood & Moulder Mix)

Do I Scare You? (Extended Mix)

I Never Could Sing Anyway (Extended Version)



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