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Max Wax Furniture Polish - 200ml

Max Wax Furniture Polish - 200ml

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In 1999 Ken, disappointed with the shortcomings of what was available in the market, developed a scientifically based product to improve on the furniture waxes being offered.

Whilst there were many furniture waxes and oils available, all seemed to fall short of what Ken was looking for to handle his needs. For example, furniture oils penetrate wood adequately, but can ooze in the heat, become sticky (which is unpleasant to touch) and be very effective at trapping dust. Paste Furniture waxes, on the other hand, can provide an acceptable shine, but require strenuous effort to apply, need frequent polishing and tend to build up over time. Because of their softer formulation, they leave irritating fingerprint marks whenever you touch the surface (try that with young kids around!).

Using a unique blend of food grade waxes, specially formulated to penetrate porous surfaces such as wood, Ken developed a furniture wax that not only penetrated like an oil, but left a deep healthy wax lustre (patina) on the surface at the same time. With his special formulation, he was able to achieve a hard, long lasting finish which didn't collect dust or leave fingermarks, and yet was incredibly easy to apply!

At the heart of Ken's special furniture wax formulation are natural waxes and ingredients. He carefully avoided silicones (often found in Supermarket bulk furniture products), because they tend to dry wood out, leading to cracking and splitting, rendering later restoration efforts almost impossible.

Maxwax is designed to penetrate deep into the wood at the same time leaving a healthy wax film on the surface which develops into a rich patina over a couple of months.

The special formulation of natural waxes and ingredients not only proved to work exceptionally well with wood, but also proved an ideal formulation for other uses as well



Apply the Maxwax to the surface liberally from close proximity, avoiding direct impingement from a height which can "impact feed" the wood leaving a temporary darker spot.

Using a rag, sponge or brush, spread the Maxwax gently over the surface to ensure good, even penetration.

Keep the surface from drying out for 10 to 15 minutes or so while spreading.

Leave to soak, the longer the soak the better the wax build on the surface (Overnight is good).

Buff up with a clean dry cloth to a healthy lustre.

Results will improve with every application thereafter.


Apply enough Maxwax with a cloth to just moisten the surface.

Allow to stand for about 5 minutes.

Buff up to a healthy sheen with a clean dry cloth.


Remember that Maxwax will tend to darken leather, so avoid application to light coloured leather that you want to keep that way.

Always test a small inconspicuous area to confirm you are satisfied with the result before proceeding.

Leave to soak, the longer the soak the better the wax build on the surface (Overnight is good).

Either soak (saddles straps etc) or apply light coats (shoes, handbags etc) as above.


Apply sparingly as you would to "lacquered surfaces".


Apply as you would to "raw wood", but more sparingly.


Maxwax is amazingly effective at removing the "fat splatter" from all non-cook surfaces of your BBQ.

This includes stainless steel, plastic, paint and wood.

Apply liberally and wipe off with a clean cloth or paper towel after a short soaking time.

Apply Maxwax to the stainless steel surfaces and see the finger marks disappear!

Allow 48 hours to dry completely after application.

Finally, buff to provide a surface that actually resists further finger marking.

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