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NEW - Anti-Flag, 20/20 Division (Red) LP RSD

NEW - Anti-Flag, 20/20 Division (Red) LP RSD

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Deluxe edition of their album 20/20 Vision featuring new artwork and 5 new songs. Anti-Flag is a political punk band, which is obvious from their name alone. But over the course of 12 albums across more than 25 years together, they’ve rarely set their sights on singular individuals in songs.

Unlike their punk predecessors in the 80s, who made targets of Reagan and his cronies, Anti-Flag has always opted not to date their work with current references, instead focusing on fighting ongoing oppression and dismantling deeply rooted systems of injustice. But on their new album, 20/20 Vision, the band drew a big, fat line in the sand.

Pressed on translucent Red vinyl.

1. Hate Conquers All

2. It Went Off Like A Bomb

3. 20/20 Vision

4. Christian Nationalist

5. Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down

6. Unbreakable

7. The Disease

8. A Nation Sleeps

9. You Make Me Sick

10. Un-American

11. Resistance Frequencies

12. Born To Run

13. Concrete Breeds Apathy

14. No Allegiance to A Flag

15. No One Can Save Yourself But You

16. Fight Like Hell


Available from 7:30am INSTORE - 12th June.

Available from 6:00pm ONLINE - 12th June.

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