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NEW - Bjork, Greatest Hits LP

NEW - Bjork, Greatest Hits LP


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Greatest Hits is a compilation album by Icelandic musician and singer Björk, released on 4 November 2002 through One Little Indian. Although not all of Björk's singles are included on this collection, all of the songs on Greatest Hits were released as singles.

The tracks were selected by fans through a survey on Björk's website. Greatest Hits presents the songs in descending order of most-popular votes, with the exception of "It's In Our Hands" which was a new song and appears at the end of the compilation

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length

1. "All Is Full of Love" (Video Version; from Homogenic, 1997) Björk Björk 4:46

2. "Hyperballad" (from Post, 1995) Björk Nellee HooperBjörk5:23

3. "Human Behaviour" (from Debut, 1993) BjörkHooperHooper 4:14

4. "Jóga" (from Homogenic, 1997) BjörkSjónBjörkMark Bell5:04

5. "Bachelorette" (from Homogenic, 1997) BjörkSjónBjörk 5:18

6. "Army of Me" (from Post, 1995) BjörkGraham MasseyHooperMasseyBjörk 3:57

7. "Pagan Poetry" (from Vespertine, 2001) Björk Björk 5:14

8. "Big Time Sensuality" (The Fluke Minimix Video Version; from Debut, 1993) BjörkHooperBjörkHooperFluke (remix) 4:56

9. "Venus as a Boy" (from Debut, 1993) Björk Hooper 4:41

10. "Hunter" (from Homogenic, 1997) Björk BjörkBell 4:16

11. "Hidden Place" (from Vespertine, 2001) BjörkGuy SigsworthBellBjörk 5:28

12. "Isobel" (from Post, 1995) BjörkHooperMarius De VriesSjónHooperBjörk 5:49

13. "Possibly Maybe" (from Post, 1995) BjörkHooperDe VriesHooperBjörk 5:07

14. "Play Dead" (from The Young Americans soundtrack, 1993) BjörkDavid ArnoldJah WobbleArnoldDanny Cannon 3:57

15. "It's in Our Hands" Björk BjörkDrew Daniel 4:15

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