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Brand New Vinyl

NEW - Bronson, Bronson Clear LP

NEW - Bronson, Bronson Clear LP


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Grammy-nominated duo Odesza and groundbreaking Sydney producer Golden Features have announced their new project Bronson with the launch of two contrasting singles "Heart Attack (feat. lau.ra)" and "Vaults".

The double release serves as the primer to the trio's forthcoming self-titled debut album

Both tracks offer two distinct looks into Bronson, embracing an alternate identity for the trio in which they discovered a newfound limitlessness and ability to explore new soundscapes, free from any expectations attached to their respective projects.

Nearly three years in the making, Bronson originally formed through the personal connection that Odesza members Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight shared with Golden Features' Tom Stell. Out of mutual admiration on a creative level, they formed a digital record box of shared sounds sent across time zones and continents through Dropbox files and FaceTime calls. The product of those collective efforts culminated in 2018 when the trio spent a week, in the remote reaches of Berry, Australia, recording what would later become the first Bronson album.



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