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NEW - Perry Farrell, Kind Heaven LP

NEW - Perry Farrell, Kind Heaven LP

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The new album from Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell!

Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell has been teasing his new project Kind Heaven over the last few years and his vision is starting to come to fruition. Speaking with Des Moines’ Lazer 103.3, Farrell opened up a bit about the Kind Heaven mythology and what his plan is for rolling out the music.

“I am writing a mythology, but I'm writing a mythology about a prophecy, and that prophecy is the Messianic Era,” says Farrell. “The story takes place on the threshold of the Messianic Era... heaven descends, and God lives on Earth. He comes to live with us and amongst us again. The military warriors lay down their weapons and pick up the plow shares, so in other words, the world is at peace finally, and we are helping each other. Brother is helping brother, but also there are some very scary elements to the era — the rise of the Antichrist; Armageddon; men turning into women; women turning into men. You can do research on the Messianic era and it will blow your mind and it will give you lots of inspiration and ideas like it did to me."

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