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NEW - Pogues (The), Stiff Records: B Sides 2LP RSD 2023

NEW - Pogues (The), Stiff Records: B Sides 2LP RSD 2023

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Released: 22nd April 2023

The Pogues - The Stiff Records B-Sides 1984-1987 is a collection of The Pogues non-album b'sides from the bands tenure on the famed 'Stiff Records' label. Tracks include: A Rainy Night In Soho, The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, Shanne Bradley (B-Side to Fairytale Of New York), The Irish Rover and Mountain Dew both featuring The Dubliners and a selection of traditional arrangements including - The Parting Glass, Whiskey You're The Devil, Muirshin Durkin and The Leaving Of Liverpool amongst others. This collection will be pressed on vinyl for the first time exclusively for RSD 2023.



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Track Listing

Side A (11:46)
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (4:51) GBAHT0400324
(Eric Bogle)
B-Side of Dark Streets Of London (Stiff Records BUY 207, Originally Pogue Mahone PM-1)
Produced by Stan Brennan
Repeal Of The Licensing Laws (2:10) GBAHT0400323
(Spider Stacy)
B-Side of The Boys From The County Hell (Stiff Records BUY 212)
Produced by Stan Brennan
The Parting Glass (2:15) GBAHT0400222
(Trad, Arr. Pogues)
A Pistol For Paddy Garcia (2:30) GBAHT0300117
(Jem Finer)
B-Sides of Dirty Old Town (Stiff Records BUY 229)
Produced by Philip Chevron

Side B (10:17)
Whiskey You’re The Devil (2:09) GBAHT0400325
(Trad, Arr. Pogues)
Muirshin Durkin (1:49) GBAHT0400322
(Trad, Arr. Pogues)
B-Sides of A Pair Of Brown Eyes (Stiff Records BUYIT 220)
Produced by Philip Chevron
The Wild Rover (2:37) GBAHT0400326
(Trad, Arr. Pogues)
The Leaving Of Liverpool (3:42) GBAHT0400321
(Trad, Arr. Pogues)
B-Sides of Sally Maclennane (Stiff Records BUYIT 224)
Produced by Elvis Costello

Side C (15:41)
London Girl (3:04) GBAHT0105488
(Shane MacGowan)
A Rainy Night In Soho (4:43) GBAHT0105487
(Shane MacGowan)
The Body Of An American (4:43) GBAHT0105480
(Shane MacGowan)
Planxty Noel Hill (3:11) GBAHT0400221
(Jem Finer)
Poguetry In Motion EP (Stiff Records BUY 243)
Produced by Elvis Costello

Side D (14:14)
The Irish Rover (feat. The Dubliners) (4:07) GBAHT0400305
Mountain Dew (The Rare Ould Mountain Dew) (feat. The Dubliners) (2:16) GBAHT0400301
(Trad, Arr. The Dubliners, The Pogues)
The Pogues & The Dubliners – The Irish Rover (Stiff Records BUY 258)
Produced by Eamonn Campbell
The Battle March Medley (4:11) GBAHT0400300
(Terry Woods)
Shanne Bradley (3:40) GBAHT0400302
(Shane MacGowan)
B-Sides of Fairytale Of New York (Pogue Mahone Records/Stiff Records NY 12)
Produced by Steve Lillywhite

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