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NEW - Simple Minds, Neapolis LP RSD 2023

NEW - Simple Minds, Neapolis LP RSD 2023

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Released: 22nd April 2023

Simple Minds ‘Neapolis’ is out April 22nd, exclusive to Record Store Day 2023!

Produced by Peter Walsh, the 1998 album, featuring the tracks ‘War Babies’ and ‘Glitterball’ will be on vinyl for the very first time. 

Re Neapolis, long time Simple Minds fan Mo Shah posted :

“It’s a classic album, ahead of its time. Released as it was during the ‘Britpop era’ and when you guys were still reinventing yourselves. It wasn’t cool to like Simple Minds in the mid 90s, but I’ve always followed my path and kept the faith.

In my opinion Neapolis is up there with the early stuff. The mid 90s was a challenging time for Simple Minds, everyone said you should call it a day but almost 30 years later you’re still here reinventing yourself, never standing still.

It’s a great example of how to tackle adversity. Today I shall be playing that album in its entirety. Thank you Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill”.



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