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NEW - Various Artists, Hillbillies In Hell 13 (Red) LP RSD

NEW - Various Artists, Hillbillies In Hell 13 (Red) LP RSD


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The dark, etheric carnival of broken Nashville delights - Deathly Oracular Visions, Cuckolds, Wastrels, Chain Gang Laments and Fiery Apocalyptic Fever-Dreams. Sometimes grim, often beautiful - this extraordinary collection of knowns and unknowns, battered Opry legends and forgotten backwoods-poets and preachers features tales of Tenement Tragedies, Vengeful Vegetation, Proselytizing Playground Philosophies, Windswept Abandonment and Deathbed Confessions.

Originally waxed in often penurious amounts, these Troubled Troubadours sing of Fatal Infidelities, Aching Hypocrisies, Deep Dark Depressions, Penal Punishments, Flaming Prophecies and Rapturous Revelations. Years in the making 'Hillbillies In Hell' (13) presents 16 timeless tribulations - a Lovecraftian clutch of Ancient Terrors, Sinful Seductions, Grinding Poverty, Debilitating Disfigurement, Hell's Eternal Maze of Hardships and God's Blazing Light of Redemption.

A misty shroud of marginal 45s - some of these sides are impossibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time. All for your cautionary listening pleasure.



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Track Listing

1. The Carter Family - 2001 (Ballad To The Future)

2. Henson Cargill - Skip A Rope

3. Porter Wagoner - Julie

4. Eddie Noack - Barbara Joy

5. Waylon Jennings - The Road

6. Sammi Smith - Birmingham Mistake

7. Norma Jean - One'S On The Way

8. Wendy Bagwell And The Sunliters - This Train

9. Dee Mullins - I Am The Grass

10. Hank Thompson And The Brazos Valley Boys - I Cast A Lonesome Shadow

11. Porter Wagoner - Lonely Comin' Down

12. Henson Cargill - The Pain Will Go Away

13. The Carter Family - Poison Red Berries

14. Bobby Bare - When I'Ve Learned

15. Roger Miller - I Know Who It Is (And I'M Gonna Tell On Him)

16. Little Richard Miller - The Fire Came Down


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