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Brand New Vinyl

NEW - Death Alley, Superbia Vinyl

NEW - Death Alley, Superbia Vinyl

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Fresh from the basements of Amsterdam, Death Alley is here to show you a serious musical rock’n roll statement. Death Alley combines ingenious but blistering guitar parts with and intensity of drumming that justifies the present-day existence of John Bonham’s Vista-Lite drum kit. Drums, guitar and the thundering bass riffs are topped off with husky vocals that remind you of nothing.

The band – that features ex-members of Gewapend Beton, Mühr, and The Devil’s Blood – will surprise you with an unorthodox cross contamination of fine metal and rock ‘n roll tunes, crowned with a pitch black psychedelic soul cherry.

Don’t ignore it, absorb it – DEATH ALLEY


1. Daemon

2. The Chain

3. Feeding the Lions

4. Headlights in the Dark

5. Shake the Coil

6. Murder Your Dreams

7. Pilgrim

8. The Sewage

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