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NEW (Euro) - Rammstein, Reise Reise 2LP

NEW (Euro) - Rammstein, Reise Reise 2LP

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In 2015 RAMMSTEIN released the "XXI" deluxe vinyl box which includes the first six albums on vinyl.

Now, 2017 it's time to release all albums as a single release. Each album comes as black double LP in gatefold cover. 180gr



Relove Vinyl - Upstairs at Relove Oxley

1D / 62 Blunder Road Oxley, Brisbane 

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Track Listing

1. Reise, Reise

2. Mein Teil (Album Version)

3. Dalai Lama

4. Keine Lust

5. Los

6. Amerika

7. Moskau

8. Morgenstern

9. Stein Um Stein

10. Ohne Dich

11. Amour

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