Sell Your Items at Relove Oxley

How to sell items through Relove Oxley

We offer 3 options at Relove Oxley to sell your items through our store
Please read the below information and then once you decide which of the 3 options best suits you. email us your information as per below.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have items that you no longer need, you can donate them to us at the store.
Just bring them down. We will sort through them and ensure they go to new homes.
Please do not leave items outside, call in and let us know they are there and we will bring them in out of the weather.

2. WE CONSIGN - Minimum 50 Items - Email Us -
What does this mean? We sell your items on your behalf.
When they sell we pay you for the items.
Consignment is a great option if you have several items to sell or a house full.
Its also a great option once you have had a garage sale and have left over items to sell, or if you are moving and need to move items out of the unit or house quickly. NOTE: In most cases if you have stuff left after a garage sale you were trying to sell them for too much or they are worthless and most likely donations to us or charity stores anyway.
We can come and collect them if required
If you have not heard from us within 48 hours of you sending your email, we are not keen or dont have the capacity to take your items at this stage

3. SELL YOUR ITEMS - Email Us -
Please NOTE: We rarely BUY items. If you are looking to sell your items, please email us and we will go from there.
Please check the list below of items we DO NOT BUY. We will gladly take donations though, as we do not want items going into landfil.

If you have not heard from us within 48 hours of you sending your email, we are not keen to take your items at this stage

We are more them happy to come to your house and help you down size. We all gather many items over the years, and sometimes we move into smaller homes and wonder what on earth you will do with all your items. This is where we can help. No job is too big or small.
Please email us and give us your details, and we can arrange a suitable time to come and have a look and take you through the process.

Items WE DO and DO NOT TAKE!!
Below is an example list of items that we take. If you are unsure if we can take your items, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Its not a definitive list, so please fill in the form if you are not sure.

 What items do we take? Items WE DO NOT TAKE
Bric-a-brac Any electrical Items other than Lamps (Table, Desk or Floor)
Household items and collectables Couches - Single or Suites*
Kitchen Items, China, Crockery Wardrobes* and Bedding* (including bed frames)
General Small Furniture Items - Items that fit in a car or hatchback Large TV Units
Vinyl Records (Except Easy Listening, Anything 60's, Classical, K-Tel etc - If not sure email us) Powered Garden Equipment
Collectables - Toys, Cars, Trucks, Figures NO Glassware (Single, Sets, loose and/or mismatch)
Garden Items – Tools, Statues, Pots etc NO Chipboard or flatpack furniture only solid timber please
Anything Collectible ie large collections of the same theme ie Elephants, Frogs, Toys Dining Tables/ Chairs*
Computer Games  - Vintage Consoles and Games Display Cabinets/Hutches* (NO CHIPBOARD)

*Please email us for more information regarding our ability to take these items. In some cases we provide a ‘take away’ service for these bulky items, where we remove the items on your behalf and dispose or on sell them