Selling Vinyl Records

Relove Vinyl (upstairs at Relove oxley) buys Vinyl Records. 

However, there are some important things to remember. Please READ the below and if you have any questions or are not sure email us some pictures of the records to

Lets Start!
Vinyl records have been around over 60 years.
From the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s, the dominant media format for buying music was the 45 rpm single.

It wasn’t until 1966 or 1967 when albums in the form of long-playing vinyl (sometimes called 12" or 33rpm) records became the dominant way to sell music.
Then with the introduction of the cassette and the CD, overall album sales went even higher, because many people would buy the same album in multiple formats, but by late 1980s vinyl album sales had hit their peak and would begin a long slow decline.

On the chart above the left hand axis is 1973 with over 500 million singles and LP's (Green colours) being produced, not just in 1973 but every year for over 10 years.
CD's (The Red) peaked in 2000

There are literally millions and millions of old records out the community. Some sadly have been left to the rats to eat the sleeves, the rest went into landfill and now some enterprising people are saying to themselves.. 'Wonder if I can get something for Nanas, Grand Dads or Great Grand Dads record collection in storage under the house or in the back shed'.

Unfortunately the answer is NO - well sort of anyway - keep reading

How We Work
If you have a large collection (50 or more) we may sell them on consignment for you. Its a great way to offload a large collection. You can even price the records yourself taking into account the consignment fees. Contact us for more information

If you only have a few records (10 or 20), please bring them down whenever we are open for trade and we can have a look at them.
We may be interested in buying the records (bulk price) to get them out of your life and you can buy yourself something nice. 

We cannot guarantee we will buy them but its worth a shot. Depending what they are, we wont offer you much so dont expect to go home with fist fulls of dollars.

What Genres and Artists do we take?
Pretty much anything that is north of 1980 we are keen on.
If you have old Nana Mouskouri, Neil Diamond, Readers Digest, Country, Compilations (Hits of the 60's) etc and easy listening you can pretty much throw them out as they are worth nothing or take the vinyl and decorate a room with them.
The more contemporary the better - Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Black Sabbath, along with the stuff you listened to in the 80's and the 90's.
We do not take donations of classical, country or old stuff, including bakelite (78's) records. We have heaps already.

What Do I Do Next?
Go through them, throw out any that are rat eaten, the cover is falling off, the glue has come unstuck etc and then give them (the covers and vinyl record) a wipe over with a damp (not wet) cloth. 
Then take a few photos and email us at or bring them down for us to look at. 

Where else Can I Sell Them?
You can try Facebook Market Place or Gumtree. The charity stores may take them as donations depending on what they are. Buy and Sell / Trade stores might also be a shot. 

If all else fails, shoot us an email at

Hope that helps :)