Sights and Sounds from Relove Oxley

August 2022 (Photoshoot)

Brisbane band 'Cheap Date' Photoshoot.
Music track HERE

February 2022 (Audio)

ABC Brisbane - 1st March 2022. Interview with Cathie Schnitzerling prior to getting access back to the store after the flood

August 2021

'Cheap Date' is a newly established 5 piece band making noise around the Brisbane music scene. Lead by Artist Lara Dee and backed by 4 incredible musicians all of which have an extensive history in bands and with performance.

Filmed on location at Relove Oxley, a collection of collectables, vinyl and vintage items bringing awesomeness to the western suburbs since 2014, who graciously hosted us for for the production. Video by: The Sawce Productions

April 2018

This segment was filmed by Channel 7 for 'A Great Day Out' featuring Laurel Edwards. Aired 29th April 2018
(There is also a Great South East story that aired in March 2015 but due to the show now being defunct its no longer available online - Sadly we cant find our copy of it)

February 2017 (Audio)

Radio Advert with FM101 in Logan

September 2016 (Audio)

Father Day Radio Advert with FM101 in Logan

August 2016 (Audio)

2nd Birthday Radio Advert with FM101 in Logan

April 2016 (Audio)

Mothers Day Radio Advert with FM101 in Logan

Dec 2015 (Audio)

Christmas Radio Advert with FM101 in Logan

January 2015 (Audio)

Our First ever Radio Advert with FM101 in Logan