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Do I have an Antique? or is it Vintage or Retro or from K-mart in 1971?
"But my aunt gave it to me and I got it from her mother.. Its really Old"

According to Wikipedia ………..An antique (Latin: antiquus; “old”, “ancient”) is an old collectable item. It is collected or desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, personal emotional connection, and/or other unique features. It is an object that represents a previous era or time period in human society.
An item should be at least 100 years old to be defined as an antique.

Generally speaking if the item is older than 20 years, it falls under the term Vintage. The term vintage relates primarily to wine and is an altered form of the French word vendage, meaning “the grapes picked during a season.”
For us the word Vintage just means its from a particular era.. ie thats a Vintage Doll from 1980, or it could be a vintage doll from the seventies.

What can sometimes be confusing is that items that are vintage are often described as retro and so there is a one sided overlap of the two terms.

Wikipedia describes Retro style as “a style that is consciously derivative or imitative of trends, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the recent past. It generally implies a vintage of at least fifteen or twenty years. For example, clothing from the 1980s or 1990s could be retro. Retrostyle is an outdated style or fashion that has become fashionable again. The word “retro” derives from the Latin prefix retro, meaning “backwards, or in past times” – particularly as seen in the words retrograde, implying a movement toward the past instead of a progress toward the future, and retrospective, referring to a nostalgic (or critical) eye toward the past”.

Retro items don’t have to be old, they can be brand new, but would have to be made in the style of the time or item they are trying to replicate. For example a Retro Toy Tonka Truck - made in 2014 but in the style of one made in 1970

So, perhaps the best way to think about the difference between retro and vintage is that vintage refers to the acutal construction, whilst retro refers to the appearance.

It’s interesting if you ask people their interpretation! Generally speaking I have found the consensus is that vintage conjurs up images of antiques, dresses, lace, pearls and florals whilst retro implies geometric shapes, mod and iconic design led items.

(except from Heirlooms at Home : Lauren Thomann)

Value My Stuff

NOTE - Relove Oxley does NOT do valuations. Well if you call a google search a valuation, thats what we do :)

If you want to know what an antique is worth, a free antique appraisal from an online company might be enough to satisfy your curiosity. These appraisals can be a great starting point for most people.

However, there are some specific drawbacks to consider before taking an online appraisal as the absolute truth.

For important and sentimental items, we recommend contacting multiple sources to verify an antique’s value and authenticity.

Drawbacks of Online Antique Appraisals
The value might not be accurate.
Free antique appraisals tend to be less accurate than ones that cost money. Experts spend more time researching items for insurance appraisals, and you’re more likely to find someone who has more knowledge in general. 

Free appraisals won’t work for insurance purposes.
If you have an antique you want to insure, you’ll need written certification from a reputable source. In these instances, you’ll need to pay the appraiser for their time. Contact your insurance company and find out what they require to have your antiques insured.

Questions to Ask Yourself
Do I need a written appraisal for insurance purposes? If so, these free online appraisal options won’t be enough. You’ll need to pay for a written assessment from a qualified antique expert.
Could this item be worth a lot of money? High-value antiques tend to have a broader price range. A replacement value could be significantly different from an at auction value. If the antique’s price is high, get more than one opinion and make sure they tell you what the value means.
Does it mean you will be able to sell the item for that amount?
Most auction houses or antique businesses will provide free antique appraisals, especially if you intend to sell your items. However, keep in mind that these appraisals are usually based on the dealer purchase price or auction value. These values do not represent a replacement value, which is what an insurance company needs to protect your stuff.

Some popular websites for free appraisals include:
This website provides free price guides and appraisals on certain antiques. They specialize in Meissen, Royal Vienna, Royal Worcester, and other decorative antiques. Look for the item in question on their database, and then email them for a free appraisal. Keep in mind that this website also buys antiques, which could be a conflict of interest. The assessment might be based on a wholesale value instead of an accurate market value.

If you think your antique is worth more than a couple thousand dollars, consider getting a high-end auction estimate through Christie’s online valuation form. Remember that an auction estimate is much different than replacement value. Also, the estimate is not a guarantee of the price. If you sell at auction, the item could sell for much higher or lower than the estimate.

This online community helps users find the value of antiques for free. The forum allows people to post their antiques and ask specific questions regarding history, origin, and value. Remember that anyone can join and respond to inquiries, so the opinions might not be accurate or up to date. This free online appraisal option is ideal if you only want a price range on a low-value item. Higher value items will need additional expert input for the actual value.

Most antique appraisers start their search on a site like WorthPoint. This website is an online database with more than 540 million antique prices and thousands of expert articles. You can sign up for a free trial to gain access to this expert information. It might take you longer to research using this website, but you’ll end up with an in-depth understanding of your antique and what it’s worth.

Where else?
Post your item on Facebook Marketplace, or a Facebook Forum (Group). There is a Facebook Group for Bottles, Cameras, Paintings, Toys and thousands more!

Selling to Stores
Keep in mind that bricks and mortar stores - Like Relove Oxley pays rent and is not a charity, therefore we need to make a small amount on items that we might buy. Like all retailers, we BUY at Wholesale and SELL at Retail. Just because you paid XX for an item in 1971 doesnt mean you will get the same amount in 2021. The value of the item to us is based on if its - Interesting, Rare, Wanted and Price

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