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NEW - R.E.M, Monster - 25th Anniversary Edition LP

NEW - R.E.M, Monster - 25th Anniversary Edition LP

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25th Anniversary of the acclaimed 9th Album from R.E.M on LP

Expanded edition of Monster, offering the original album and the 2019 remixed version, available on two 180gm vinyl LPs, featuring reimagined cover art by longtime R.E.M. designer Chris Bilheimer.

When Monster was released in September 1994, the members of R.E.M. were at a crossroads in their career. Singer Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berry were decompressing from the massive commercial and critical success of 1991's Out of Time and 1992's Automatic for the People. In just a few years, the Athens, GA, four-piece had become one of the biggest, most recognizable bands in the world, thanks to hits like "Losing My Religion," "Man on the Moon" and "Everybody Hurts." It had also been six years since the group had toured. By the time that work began on Monster, they were itching to end their self-imposed hiatus and get back on the road. The band was also looking for a sonic shake-up. While R.E.M.'s last two albums were full of ballads, acoustic rock songs and intricate arrangements, the group was ready to record something grittier, brasher and highly playable on stage. In his liner notes, Perpetua writes that Monster "had no precedent in the band's catalog," adding that R.E.M had "never been this distorted and dirty, or this glam or this flirty." Buck recalls, "We were trying to feel like a different band … We wanted to get away from who we were."


1. What's The Frequency, Kenneth?

2. Crush With Eyeliner

3. King Of Comedy

4. I Don't Sleep, I Dream

5. Star 69

6. Strange Currencies


1. Tongue

2. Bang And Blame

3. I Took Your Name

4. Let Me In

5. Circus Envy

6. You



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