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Majorette Vintage Deluxe - Ford Mustang Fast Back Red

Majorette Vintage Deluxe - Ford Mustang Fast Back Red

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Majorette Vintage Deluxe Edition: Cult with the New Look! Act now to become the proud owner of the latest collectors' models with exclusive details in one-off editions. Majorette Vintage Deluxe Edition: The cult is more exciting than ever. New examples of classics  like the VW T1, the VW Beetle, the Porsche 934 Vaillant or the Ford Mustang are no longer to be found? Well now they can. In the Majorette Vintage Deluxe Edition, these four cult objects show themselves from a completely new side. The die-cast toy cars with free-wheel are available here in six exclusively designed versions that show the flair of the originals in a completely new guise. The  rubber tyres, moving parts and, of course, the essential collection box all contribute to the quality. So there is no question, which  of these cars is to enrich the collections of fans big and small, all of them, of course!

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1D / 62 Blunder Road Oxley, Brisbane 

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