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NEW - Andrew W.K, God Is Partying (White) LP

NEW - Andrew W.K, God Is Partying (White) LP


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Internationally acclaimed hard rock musician and God of Partying, ANDREW W.K., marks another extraordinarily intense chapter in his fabled and perplexing tenure as a pop culture icon, with his fifth full-length rock album, God Is Partying.

Hovering in the fluorescent spotlight of his legendary party power, God Is Partying sees ANDREW W.K. ransack the corners of the human psyche, reaching a triumphant apex in his catalogue nearly 20 years after the release of his chart-topping 2001 full-length debut, I Get Wet.

Showcasing his indisputable musical chops, God Is Partying features ANDREW W.K. performing all the album’s instruments, in addition to co-producing the album with Grammy Award-winning engineer, Ted Young.

Released: 8th October 2021



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Track Listing


1. Everybody Sins

2. Babalon

3. No One to Know

4. Stay True to Your Heart


1. Goddess Partying

2. I'm in Heaven

3. Remember Your Oath

4. My Tower

5. And Then We Blew Apart

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