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Brand New Vinyl

NEW - Bad Religion, How Could H*ll Be Any Worse (Coloured) LP

NEW - Bad Religion, How Could H*ll Be Any Worse (Coloured) LP


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Released: 11th November 2022

Released in 1982, How Could H*ll Be Any Worse? is the debut studio album by the American punk rock band Bad Religion. Funded by a $3000 load by guitarist Brett Gurewitz's father the album would become a staple in the band's discography and the hardcore punk scene. 

The album showcases the building blocks of the group's sound being formed and their lyrical agenda starting to rise through the distorted guitars and hypnotic drums.

Translucent Orange w/Black Marble Exclusive Anniversary Edition


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Track Listing

We’re Only Gonna Die 
Latch Key Kids
Part III
Faith In God
F*ck Armageddon… This Is H*ll
Into The Night
Damned To Be Free
White Trash (2nd Generation)
American Dream
Eat Your Dog
Voice Of God Is Government
Doing Time 

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