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NEW - Cold Chisel, The Last Stand: The Live Tapes Vol 4 (4 LP Set

NEW - Cold Chisel, The Last Stand: The Live Tapes Vol 4 (4 LP Set


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This limited edition 4LP vinyl box set edition of the release, contains the full 32 tracks spread over 4 luscious 180gram vinyl discs – and housed in a deluxe heavy card slipcase.

In December 2015 Cold Chisel ended their massive One Night Stand tour with three special shows they dubbed The 'Last Stand' of the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

 These wild, unhinged and emotional shows were played immediately prior to the iconic venue's demolition and for Cold Chisel it had a double sense of occasion, given that the "Ent Cent" was the venue where Cold Chisel played their legendary farewell shows back in December, 1983 - the band not playing together again for another 15 years.

 The announcement of these 2015 shows captured  the public's imagination, selling over 20,000 tickets in 10 minutes before the band added one more show. Fans who missed out on tickets at the time will now have a chance to see and hear Cold Chisel in all its ragged glory on The 'Last Stand' of the Sydney Entertainment Centre - The Live Tapes - Vol 4 as they literally bring down the house. If you were lucky enough to be there, you'll know what we mean.

 In addition to visceral, gut-busting versions of fan favourites like "Letter To Alan", "Houndog", "One Long Day" and the Jerry Lee-inspired cover "Don't Let Go", there's rare appearances of the Chisel classics "Ita" and "Janelle", the new and powerful "Lost", "Long Dark Road" and "All Hell Broke Lucy" from the band's 

critically-hailed 2015 album The Perfect Crime and of course the undeniable anthems "Choirgirl", "Khe Sanh", "When The War Is Over", "Flame Trees", "Rising Sun", "My Baby", "Bow River", "Standing On The Outside" and many more.

 Containing over 32 songs - nearly 3 hours of music - The 'Last Stand' of the Sydney Entertainment Centre - The Live Tapes - Vol 4 draws its performances from the band's final two shows on December 17 and 18, 2015 and is by far the biggest live release ever from Cold Chisel.  Renowned as one of Australia's best-ever live bands, the recording captures Cold Chisel warts and all and is then loving mixed by longtime sonic ally Kevin Shirley.

LP 1

Side A

Standing On The Outside

Letter To Alan


Rising Sun

My Baby


Side B

All For You


Cheap Wine

Long Dark Road


LP 2

Side A


One Long Day

When The War Is Over


Side B

Forever Now

Don't Let Go


Saturday Night


LP 3

Side A

Breakfast at Sweethearts

Shipping Steel

You Got Nothing I Want



Side B

Flame Trees

Khe Sanh

Bow River


LP 4

Side A



The Perfect Crime

All Hell Broke Lucy

Four Walls


Side B


Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye)


The Last Wave of Summer

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