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NEW - Dark Funeral, 25 Years of Satanic Symphonies 10CD Box Set

NEW - Dark Funeral, 25 Years of Satanic Symphonies 10CD Box Set

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Dark Funeral are one of the most legendary Swedish black metal bands and present their first ever CD Boxset including every studio album, live tracks and more!

This boxset features a whole range of material from the band’s complete studio album discography on separate CDs, to the live album “De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine”, the “Teach Children to Worship Satan” EP, the band’s legendary live performance in Argentinia – previously only released on DVD, the Unisound versions of “The Secrets Of The Black Arts”, a collector’s certificate and an exclusive 95x65cm poster flag featuring the artwork of Necrolord.


CD 1: In The Sign… / Dark Funeral EP (1994)

CD 2: The Secrets Of The Black Arts (1996) 

CD 3: The Secrets Of The Black Arts (Unisound Version) (1996)

CD 4: Vobiscum Satanas (1998) 

CD 5: Diabolis Interium / Teach Children To Worhsip Satan EP (2001) 

CD 6: De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine (Live In Southamerica) (2003)

CD 7: Attera Totus Sanctus (2005) 

CD 8: Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus (2009) 

CD 9: Where Shadows Forever Reign (2016) 

CD 10: Live in Buenos Aires 2006 (Part of the "Attera Orbis Terrarum - Part II" DVD. For the first time on CD)



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