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NEW - David Bowie, Station to Station (Red OR White) LP

NEW - David Bowie, Station to Station (Red OR White) LP

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Released: 26th March 2021

This is an LP - it will be RED Or WHITE - We cannot guarantee which colour you will receive and cannot accept returns if you don't receive your preferred colour - these will not be distinguishable without opening the shrinkwrap.

Considered a classic among fans and critics alike, the record was unusual for a Bowie album in that it contained just six tracks, even though it still clocked in at a little over thirty-eight minutes.

For the first time ever, a David Bowie album was a bigger commercial success Stateside than in the UK. It reached #3 on the Billboard 200 and #5 on the official UK album chart.

Four of Station To Station’s six songs were released as commercial A-sides by RCA, with Golden Years being the pre-album hit on both sides of the Atlantic. The song scored Bowie yet another top ten just in time for the Christmas UK chart in 1975, where it remained right up to the release of the album in January 1976.

45 years on from its release, Station To Station is now seen as a musical bridge between the ‘plastic soul’ of 1975’s Young Americans and the start of Bowie’s Berlin era with 1977’s Low.



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Track Listing


1. Station To Station

2. Golden Years

3. Word On A Wing


1. TVC 15

2. Stay

3. Wild Is The Wind

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