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NEW - Dope Lemon, Kimosabe (Sea Blue) LP

NEW - Dope Lemon, Kimosabe (Sea Blue) LP

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Released: 29th September 2023

One of Australia's most celebrated indie artists, DOPE LEMON, returns with his fourth resplendent album, 'Kimosabè'.

'Kimosabè' is a divine and open-armed universe, boasting ethereal and mesmerising soundscapes, that transcends the status quo. It's the first DOPE LEMON album that reveals the face of Angus Stone, the project's brainchild, on its cover. He comments: "This record is everything that's me. In the past, the artwork has been anonymous in a way because I was trying to explore these styles, and having this shield in front of me was beautiful – I could sort of slink around in the shadows and wouldn't have the public make judgement on the person behind it. This record, I had moments of clarity reflecting on my childhood, and I was able to see where I want to be in the future. So putting myself on the cover just felt right."



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Track Listing

Derby Raceway
Golden God
Miami Baby
Just You & Me
Blue Moon Fox
Broke Down Casino (feat. Sloan Peterson)
Slinging Dimes
Give Me That Fire
Lemon Tree

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