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NEW - Eels, Shootenanny LP (IMPORT)

NEW - Eels, Shootenanny LP (IMPORT)

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Limited 180 gram vinyl LP pressing.

Shootenanny! Is the fifth studio album by the Eels, released in 2003. The album's name comes from a neologism coined by Eels front-man Mark Oliver Everett for "a social gathering at which participants engage in folk singing and sometimes dancing, but mostly the shooting of guns." Eels was formed in California in 1995 by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Oliver Everett, known by the stage name E.

Band members have changed across the years, both in the studio and on stage, making Everett the only official member for most of the band's work. Often filled with themes about family, death and lost love, Eels' music straddles a wide range of genres, which is evidenced by the distinct musical style of every album.


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Track Listing

1. All In A Day's Work

2. Saturday Morning

3. The Good Old Days

4. Love Of The Loveless

5. Dirty Girl

6. Agony

7. Rock Hard Times

8. Restraining Order Blues

9. Lone Wolf

10. Wrong About Bobby

11. Numbered Days

12. Fashion Awards

13. Somebody Loves You

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