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Brand New Vinyl

NEW - Frenzal Rhomb, Smoko At The Pet Food Factory (Yellow/White) LP

NEW - Frenzal Rhomb, Smoko At The Pet Food Factory (Yellow/White) LP


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Limited 5000 Cigarettes Split Orange/White Vinyl

Frenzal Rhomb's critically declaimed album Smoko At The Pet Food Factory turns ten this year!

I know, it seems like just yesterday the world was treated to the ferocious guitars, pummelling drums and (insert other excessive adjective) vocals of Australia's favourite punk pop rock singing group releasing their 8th album. 

It's been a whole decade in fact since we were regaled with stories of bootleg tobacco crossing state lines, vampiric pizza shop staff, the heart-warming story of the Nazi goosestepping in his childhood bedroom and yes, a ten glorious years since we all first learnt of the dangers of unexpected avian onslaught, be it magpie, seagull, ibis or the other one, and the life-saving simplicity of eyes drawn on an ice cream helmet.

 But just like the ibis and his mates, time flies, and though the brain cells destroyed banging your head to "When My Baby Smiles At Me I Go To Rehab" while simultaneously laughing at the humorous word play might be gone forever, the songs are not. In fact, they're back, in reissue form!



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