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NEW - INXS, Dekadance LP (Black Vinyl)

NEW - INXS, Dekadance LP (Black Vinyl)

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Black Vinyl. A very special, limited edition LP with six extended & re-mixed versions of songs from "THE SWING".

These six songs are "Original Sin", "I Send A Message" & "Burn For You" - all Nick Launey re-mixed versions and all released as 12" singles previously. "Dancing On The Jetty", which is the re-mixed version released as the albums fourth single. Then there's two previously unavailable extended/re-mixed versions of "Love Is (What I Say)" & "Melting In The Sun".

As a bonus to all this there is a seventh song included on the LP. That song is a cover of the Nancy Sinatra / Lee Hazlewood duet "Jackson" - performed by the band together with QED's Jenny Morris duetting with Mike Hutchence on vocals.

All of these lovely goodies are cut to a heavyweight 180-gram coloured vinyl LP and celebrates the 35th Anniversary of "THE SWING" in 2019.


Original Sin

I Send A Message

Burn For You

Dancing On The Jetty

Melting In The Sun

Love Is (What I Say)

Jackson (Bonus Track)


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