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Brand New Vinyl

NEW - Jesus Lizard (The), GOAT LP

NEW - Jesus Lizard (The), GOAT LP


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Released: 6th October 2009

Goat is the second full-length studio album by The Jesus Lizard, released in 1991.

By 1991, the band was hitting their stride. GOAT delivers on the Jesus Lizard promise in ways almost to numerous to mention: over the course of some 30 minutes and change, It was noisy, yet controlled, dark but humorous. If the members of the Jesus Lizard got it ''right'' on HEAD, then GOAT serves as ''one of the great pinnacles in the history of the American underground. The Jesus Lizard's third document was the formula perfected, the cylinders firing in time, the crosshairs perfectly aligned in the scope, the last stiff drink before blacking out.'' - Jason Pettigrew Bassist David Wm.

Sims is revealed as the band's secret weapon, stock still in anchoring an increasingly chaotic stage show. Guitarist Duane Denison's musical ideas stun throughout, finding an almost impossibly sympathetic foil in drummer, Mac McNeilly. All the while, vocalist David Yow's complete disregard for his own health and safety was becoming the stuff of legend, propelled by tracks like ''Mouth Breather'', ''Monkey Trick'' and the effaceable ''Seasick''. -Pat Daly

Re-mastered in 2009 by Steve Albini and Bob Weston... you know it sounds amazing.

The best live band of the '90s performing together in 2009 for the first time in a decade... and with their original line-up too! Touring major cities in October & November.

They also played select festival dates over the summer (Pitchfork, etc... ).

Vinyl packaged in deluxe gatefold album jacket with 12'' x 24'' double sided color insert including never before seen photos, and extensive liner notes by the band and by journalists who were there when it was all happening.

Vinyl also includes a digital download coupon for entire LP, plus 5 bonus tracks not included on the LP itself.

GOAT is the 2nd best selling of all the Jesus Lizard albums.


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Track Listing

1. Then Comes Dudley
2. Mouth Breather
3. Nub
4. Seasick
5. Monkey Trick
6. Karpis
7. South Mouth
8. Lady Shoes
9. Rodeo In Joliet
10. [Untitled]
11. Sunday You Need Love
12. Pop Song
13. Seasick [Live]
14. Lady Shoes [Live]
15. Monkey Trick [Live]

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