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NEW - Johnny Cash, 20 Original Albums 20CD Box Set

NEW - Johnny Cash, 20 Original Albums 20CD Box Set

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20 CDs, original artwork, cardboard sleeves and 36 colour page booklet.

Originally released in the late 1950's and early 1960's and issued here in Mono. From the later releases (in Stereo) Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison, Johnny Cash At San Quentin and Johnny 99 sounded like the business too.

Although the title on the box is 20 Original Albums the early Mono ones on the digital read-out state The Perfect Collection, while some of the later ones refer to The Complete Columbia Album Collection (I guess all editions in this box are the exact same as those included in the bigger Complete Columbia box set).

1. The Fabulous Johnny Cash (Mono Version)

2. Hymns By Johnny Cash (Mono Version)

3. Songs Of Our Soil (Mono Version)

4. Now, There Was A Song! (Mono Version)

5. Ride This Train (Mono Version)

6. I Walk The Line (Mono Version)

7. Bitter Tears - Ballads of the American Indian (Mono Version)

8. Orange Blossom Special (Mono Version)

9. Johnny Cash Sings The Ballads Of The True West (Mono Version)

10. Everybody Loves A Nut (Mono Version)

11. From Sea To Shining Sea (Mono Version)

12. Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison (Stereo Version)

13. Johnny Cash At San Quentin (Stereo Version)

14. Hello, I'm Johnny Cash (Stereo Version)

15. The Johnny Cash Show (Stereo Version)

16. A Thing Called Love (Stereo Version)

17. John R. Cash (Stereo Version)

18. One Piece At A Time (Stereo Version)

19. Johnny 99 (Stereo Version)

20. Heroes [with Waylon Jennings] (Stereo Version)




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