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NEW - Jungle Giants (The), Quiet Ferocity LP

NEW - Jungle Giants (The), Quiet Ferocity LP


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The Jungle Giants have mastered their sound with more upbeat melodies and creative risks culminating in a captivating third album. With enthusiastic, thriving drums, surrounded by pounding bass lines, and shimmering guitars juxtaposed with peaceful vocals, Quiet Ferocity is an apt name for the album. 

The four-piece recorded their album at Empire Studios in Brisbane which they produced and recorded entirely by themselves. Quiet Ferocity is the result of frontman Sam Hales’ “5 days a week, 9-5” approach to creating their new album. The result is a groovy album filled with catchy hooks, thriving drums, and electro-pop synths.  

The Jungle Giants brings listeners into their world while exploring and experimenting with sounds to create something, unlike anything they’ve done before. Filled with catchy synth-pop tunes, Quiet Ferocity is The Jungle Giants’ best record yet. The blindingly bright melodies, thumping bass lines, and dreamy vocals go perfectly together to create pop anthems with enthralling choruses to sing along to. 

‘On Your Way Down’ opens the album with a rumbling intensity with plucking guitars, aggressive drums, and powerful vocals, setting the tone for the rest of the album. After ‘On Your Way Down comes ‘Feel The Way I do’, which was the first single off of the album. The song was built for the dancefloor in mind with an electrifying melody, bright guitars, and super catchy hooks will course through your body persuading you to hit the floor and dance.

‘Bad Dream’ is a dreamy percussion-laden track with a bouncy synth melody that gives you the inclination to dance. 

The title track on the record, ‘Quiet Ferocity’ is the longest clocking in at 5 minutes and 38 seconds, complete with multiple melodic detours. A thumping bass line leads into what the band describes as a “nostalgic hell-yeah chorus: When we get together / I forget the time.” 

‘Time and Time Again’ is an aggressive, loud, bright, fast, and infectious pop song with lyrics that will be stuck in your head for days. 

‘Blinded’ is jam-packed with sappy romance with frontman Sam Hales murmuring, “Darling, I need a love and affection / A little time and attention will get me through the day.” Hales continues the syrupy sweet lyrics as he serenades the listener with the lyrics, “I’m pointed at the sun / I can’t look away / Night and day / I’m still blinded by your love / That’s okay.”

'In The Garage’ is the most experimental track on the album. The almost completely instrumental track is commanded by high-pitched pitched synths and beating drums cutting through the smooth and ethereal spoken word vocals.

‘People Always Say’ rounds up the album with an energetic dance-pop song. Dreamy vocals spearhead the song with a gripping hook over the top of an eclectic soundscape creating a perfect end to the album. 

Older fans should be thrilled by how far The Jungle Giants have come on a journey filled with musical risks and experimentation. The album will also draw in new fans because the songs are a delight to listen to with hypnotising hooks that make you want to party.  

Written by Megan Venz @wickeddchildd

Released: 17th July 2017


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Track Listing

1. On Your Way Down
2. Feel The Way I Do
3. Bad Dream
4. Used To Be In Love
5. Quiet Ferocity
6. Time And Time Again
7. Waiting For A Sign
8. Blinded
9. In The Garage
10. People Always Say

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