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NEW - Machine Head, Bloodstone and Diamonds Picture Disc

NEW - Machine Head, Bloodstone and Diamonds Picture Disc

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Bloodstone & Diamonds is the eighth full-length studio album by American heavy metal band Machine Head, released by Nuclear Blast on 7 November 2014.

This is the first album to feature Jared MacEachern who replaced founding bassist Adam Duce in 2013. Although the album does not feature a title track, the album gets its name from a lyric from the opening track and second single "Now We Die".

Track listing

No. Title Lyrics Music Length

1. "Now We Die" Flynn FlynnDemmelb 7:10

2. "Killers & Kings" Flynn DemmelFlynn 4:32

3. "Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones" FlynnDemmelMacEachern bFlynnDemmelMacEachernMcClain 6:06

4. "Night of Long Knives" Flynn Flynn 6:48

5. "Sail into the Black" FlynnDemmel FlynnDemmelMcClain 8:29

6. "Eyes of the Dead" Flynn Flynn 6:25

7. "Beneath the Silt" Flynn Flynn 4:43

8. "In Comes the Flood" FlynnMacEachern Flynn 7:22

9. "Damage Inside" Flynn McClain 3:24

10. "Game Over" Flynn FlynnDemmel 6:36

11. "Imaginal Cells" (Instrumental) DemmelFlynn 3:36

12. "Take Me Through the Fire" FlynnDemmel DemmelFlynn 5:48

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