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NEW - Obituary, Slowly We Rot: Slowly Rotting (Slim Green) LP

NEW - Obituary, Slowly We Rot: Slowly Rotting (Slim Green) LP

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Released: 26th August 2022

Death Metal legends OBITUARY unearth the new Slowly We Rot - Live and Rotting and Cause of Death - Live Infection live albums available on LP and Blu-ray/CD!

Both albums, celebrating the influential band's landmark records, were filmed by Odd Life Studios and directed by Lief Thomason. Recorded and mixed by long time producer Joe Cincotta, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, both live albums capture OBITUARY as one of Death Metal's most ripping and unrelenting bands!


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Track Listing

1. 1.Intro 02:12
2. Internal Bleeding 02:28
3. Godly Beings 02:01
4. Til Death 04:30
5. Immortal Visions 02:35
6. Gates To Hell 03:35
7. Words Of Evil 02:28
8. Suffocation 02:39
9. Intoxicated 04:51
10. Deadly Intentions 02:33
11. Bloodsoaked 03:24
12. Stinkupuss 02:46
13. Slowly We Rot 06:03
14. Redneck Stomp (Live) [Bonus Track] 03:31
15. Dethroned Emperor (Live) [Bonus Track] 04:44
16. A Dying World (Live) [Bonus Track] 02:21

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