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Brand New Vinyl

NEW - Pennywise, Straight Ahead LP

NEW - Pennywise, Straight Ahead LP

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Released: 8th June 1999

This 1999 fifth studio album took five months to complete & was called their most diverse to date. The band's stated goal was to create an album that would satisfy their long-time fans as well as take chances with different material, using social and political issues for inspiration.

Songs like "My Own Country" explores the individual desire for autonomy, "Might Be a Dream" and "Still Can Be Great" seek to inspire courage and determination, while pointing out the flaws within our culture.


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Track Listing

1. Greed
2. My Own Country
3. Can'T Believe It
4. Victim Of Reality
5. Might Be A Dream
6. Still Can Be Great
7. Straight Ahead
8. My Own Way
9. One Voice
10. Alien
11. Watch Me As I Fall
12. Just For You
13. Can'T Take Anymore
14. American Dream
15. Need More
16. Never Know
17. Badge Of Pride

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