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NEW - Rage Against Machine, Live and Rare

NEW - Rage Against Machine, Live and Rare

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Live & Rare is the first live album and the first compilation of material by the American rap metal band Rage Against the Machine, released only in Japan on June 30, 1998 by Sony Music Japan and only available overseas as an import. It comprises "official bootlegs" previously available on other singles as well as a pair of tracks from the band's 1991 demo.

Track listing

"Bullet in the Head" – 5:43 [02.07.1993] [Amsterdam NETHERLANDS]

"Settle for Nothing" – 4:57 [02.07.1993] [Amsterdam NETHERLANDS]

"Bombtrack" – 5:53 [04.05.1993] [Minneapolis MN USA]

"Take the Power Back" – 6:11 [04.11.1993] [Vancouver BC, CANADA]

"Freedom" – 5:59 [04.11.1993] [Vancouver BC, CANADA]

"Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" – 3:40 (with Chuck D from Public Enemy) [05.27.1996] [Radio 3FM] [Hilversum NETHERLANDS]

"Zapata's Blood" – 3:48 [05.27.1996] [Radio 3FM] [Hilversum NETHERLANDS]

"Without a Face" – 4:05 [05.27.1996] [Radio 3FM] [Hilversum NETHERLANDS]

"Hadda Be Playing on the Jukebox" – 8:02 (a poem by Allen Ginsberg) [07.09.1993] [Detroit MI USA]

"Fuck tha Police" – 4:07 (N.W.A cover) [08.13.1995] [Washington DC USA]

"Darkness" – 3:42

"Clear the Lane" – 3:48

"The Ghost of Tom Joad" (Filipino 1998 release/Japan 2000 re-issue bonus track)

"People of the Sun" (live) (Japan 2000 re-issue bonus track)

"No Shelter" (live) (Japan 2000 re-issue bonus track)

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