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NEW - Regurgitator POGOGO, The Really Really Boring Album LP

NEW - Regurgitator POGOGO, The Really Really Boring Album LP

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Renowned Brisbane mashup rock/electro/punk/poppin' funtime outfit Regurgitator have cooked up a sugar-soaked record written especially for kids!

Having performed at a number of children's events in recent years, the inimitable band have developed the kids music project Regurgitator's Pogogo Show - a typically manic playground that careers between punk, hiphop, funk, electro-pop and everything in between.

The new collection of songs - The Really Really Really Really Boring Album - is about as silly and cheeky as a record can get, whilst still offering a G-rating suitable for the tiny folk. Featuring instant-ear wriggles such as 'The Box' and 'Games On My Computer', it's sure to bring a smile to long-terms fans as well as the young ones in their life.

The band have never been more excited: "We've got our tiny amplifiers warmed up, our teeny drum kits tuned and plenty of soap for our filthy little mouths. We're ready to shout till our voices are wrecked, if you're ready to scream till your parents are deaf!"



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Track Listing

1. Fanfare Intro

2. Pogogo Show Theme

3. Favourite Song

4. I Don't Wanna Dog

5. Games On My Computer

6. Pillow Fight

7. The Morning Theme

8. Pigeon Riding On A Motorcycle

9. Party Party Party!

10. The Box

11. Ghost Cat

12. Pogogo Story Time

13. Mr Butt

14. Farting Is A Part Of Life

15. Best Friends Forever

16. Corumbo!

17. The Robots

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