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NEW - Regurgitator, Tu-Plang LP

NEW - Regurgitator, Tu-Plang LP

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Tu-Plang (Thai for Jukebox) was the first album released by Australian rock band Regurgitator after making two EPs.

The band chose to record the album in Bangkok, Thailand, to the quandary of its label, Warner Music, which was uncertain as to what terms A&R executive Michael Parisi had contracted. Ely later said, "We didn't want to do it in just any old place, so we had a tour in Europe and Japan booked and our drummer Martin said, 'let's stop in Thailand on the way and check out some studios,' so we did and we found this place."

Producer Magoo later said the studio, "was [owned by] this guy [who was in the band] Carabao. He was described to us as the local, Thai, Bruce Springsteen. He had this compound in outer Bangkok. We'd drive there and it's in the middle of all these slums. There were wild chickens running around everywhere. There were open sewers and stuff like that."

At the ARIA Music Awards of 1996, the album won two awards; Best Alternative Album and Breakthrough album.

In 2012, Regurgitator performed the entire album along with Unit on the Australian RetroTech tour.



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Track Listing

I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am

Kong Foo Sing

G7 Dick Electro Boogie

Couldn't Do It (Happy Shopper Mix)

Miffy's Simplicity

Social Disaster

Music Is Sport

348 Hz



Pop Porn

Young Bodies Heal Quickly

Blubber Boy (Riding The Wave Of Fashion Mix)


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