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NEW - Soundtrack, Doom (Original Game Soundtrack) 2LP

NEW - Soundtrack, Doom (Original Game Soundtrack) 2LP


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Released: 19th July 2018

Pressed on 180gm red colored vinyl.

Housed in a deluxe jacket with fully printed inserts. LP features 21 tracks / CD features 31 tracks. Laced Records, in partnership with Bethesda Softworks and id Software, today announced that the DOOM (Original Game Soundtrack) by composer Mick Gordon will make its long-awaited debut on physical audio formats (Vinyl/CD) in Summer 2018.

The 2xLP was cut at the world famous Abbey Road Studios. The DOOM (Original Game Soundtrack) will be available in two formats at retail; a Deluxe Double CD in a triple gatefold sleeve including all 31 tracks from the game and a deluxe Double Vinyl with 20 favorite tracks selected by the developers pressed on 180g red vinyl and cased in a deluxe sleeve with full printed inner sleeves. A Game Awards 2016 Winner for Best Music / Sound Design and BAFTA Games Nominee for Best Music and Audio Achievement, the DOOM (Original Game Soundtrack) brings the trademark pulse-pounding and demon-stomping audio experience to fans for the first time on physical disc.

Composed by long-time Bethesda collaborator Mick Gordon, his dark and intense vision channels industrial metal to mirror DOOMs trademark brutal power fantasy gameplay across 31 synth and metal-filled tracks, spanning over two hours of run time. A true passion project, the recording process saw Gordon representing DOOMs portrayal of Hell through the role of energy in sound production, imparting the physical properties of analogue equipment onto digital sources.

To mimic the power of Hell and its curroptive Argent energy, Mick created the DOOM Instrumentö. Consisting of pure sine wave inputs directed into four separate sound processing chains and a variety of post-processing techniques, it allowed Gordon to dynamically corrupt generated sounds. Further callbacks to the franchises legacy and imagery are found as the soundtracks signature screeching guitar lines are layered with the chainsaw audio from the original 1993 title.


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Track Listing

A1 I.Dogma
A2 Rip & Tear
A3 At Doom's Gate
A4 Rust, Dust & Guts
A5 Hellwalker

B6 II. Demigod
B7 Flesh & Metal
B8 Authorization; Olivia Pierce
B9 Ties That Bind
B10 Dr. Samuel Hayden
B11 Argent Energy

C12 III. Dakhma
C13 BFG Division
C14 Biowaves
C15 Transistor Fist

D16 IV. Doom
D17 Damnation
D18 Olivia's Doom (Chad Mossholder Remix)
D19 UAC Report File; SHTO36U3
D20 6_idkill.vega.cih (Chris Hite Remix)

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