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NEW - Soundtrack, Ghost In The Shell: The Movie LP

NEW - Soundtrack, Ghost In The Shell: The Movie LP

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The movie version of the anime "Ghost in the Shell ARISE" soundtrack has been converted to analogue! Two titles of the soundtrack of the movie "Ghost in the Shell" series, for which CORNELIUS was in charge of music, will be released on vinyl at the same time!

It is a luxurious format of LP + 7 ", a special jacket specification with convex processing! "Ghost in the Shell" has also sparked the world-class Japanese animation boom. This work was screened from June 2013 to September 2014, and the "Ghost in the Shell ARISE" series, which won the first place in the screen average (operation rate) week in the first two days of the movie release on Saturday and Sunday. soundtrack.

Maaya Sakamoto wrote the lyrics for the opening theme "Ghost In The Shell Arise", which is a refrain of the voice of the main character, Motoko Kusanagi, and welcomed female vocalists such as salyu x salyu and Ichiko Aoba "border: 1". A selection of 14 songs from the original CD album released in 2013, including the ending themes "Jibun ga Inai" and "Outside is the battlefield" for "Ghost Pain" and "border: 2 Ghost Whispers". This is a special analog record with a 7-inch studio live version of each ending theme!

Released: 1st July 2021



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Track Listing

1. Ghost In The Shell Arise

2. Breaking Point

3. Jibun Ga Inai / Salyu Salyu

4. Highway Friendly

5. Solid Iced Air

6. Surfin' On Mind Waves

1. Star Cluster Collector

2. Soto Wa Senjo Da Yo / Aoba Ichiko Cornelius

3. Logicoma Beat

4. Self Running Landmine

5. Confusion Diffusion

6. Action Woman

7. In The Shell

8. Ending Title

1. Jibun Ga Inai (Studio Live Ver.) / Salyu Salyu

2. Soto Wa Senjo Da Yo (Studio Live Ver.) / Aoba Ichiko Cornelius

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