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NEW - Soundtrack, John Carpenters: The Thing (Blood & Bone Coloured) LP

NEW - Soundtrack, John Carpenters: The Thing (Blood & Bone Coloured) LP

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Released: 30th June 2023

Considered to be John Carpenter’s directorial masterpiece, THE THING is praised as one of the greatest films of it’s genre by both fans and critics.

Starring Kurt Russell and A. Wilford Brimley, THE THING follows a team of researchers in Antarctica as they are infiltrated by a parasitic extraterrestrial life form that assimilates other organisms and then imitates them. The classic soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone effectively captures the cold, isolated tone of the story and film, and marks one of the few John Carpenter directed films that Carpenter did not score himself.

John Carpenter's THE THING Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Features: - The Complete Score By Ennio Morricone - Art By Phantom City Creative - Deluxe Packaging - Old Style Tip-On Gatefold Jackets w/ Satin Coating and UV Gloss Varnish - 11"x22" Poster



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Track Listing

1. Humanity (Part 1)
2. Shape
3. Contamination
4. Bestiality
5. Solitude
6. Eternity
1. Wait
2. Humanity (Part 2)
3. Sterilization
4. Despair

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