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NEW - Status Quo, Masters Collection: The Pye Years (White) 2LP

NEW - Status Quo, Masters Collection: The Pye Years (White) 2LP


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Status Quo has been on the top of the music scene for ages. With the most UK chart hit singles, most appearances on BBC's Top of the Pops and a career total of 25 UK top ten albums, there is no doubt why Status Quo is one of Britain's longest-running bands.

In 1962 the band started as the beat group The Spectres. It was around 1967 when they discovered psychedelic rock music and changed their band name to 'Traffic', which was later changed once again to 'Traffic Jam'.

Later that year Rick Parfitt joined the band, which initiated another change of names, this time one that has stuck: Status Quo. The sonic pleasure of hearing Status Quo morph from a psychedelic, "flower power" band into a kick-ass, rock n' roll, boogie monster can not be understated.

This is the perfect 2LP anthology of Status Quo if you want an overview of their early career. Status Quo - Masters Collection (The PYE years) is now available as a limited edition of 2500 individually numbered copies on white coloured vinyl.

Released: 15th October 2021



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Track Listing


1. The Spectres - I (Who Have Nothing)

2. The Spectres - Neighbour-Neighbour

3. The Spectres - Hurdy Gurdy Man

4. The Spectres - Laticia

5. The Spectres - (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet

6. The Spectres - I Want It

7. Traffic Jam - Almost But Not Quite There

8. Traffic Jam - Wait Just A Minute


1. Pictures Of Matchstick Men

2. Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Caf

3. Black Veils Of Melancholy

4. To Be Free

5. Ice In The Sun

6. When My Mind Is Not Live

7. Technicolour Dreams

8. Paradise Flat


1. Make Me Stay A Bit Longer

2. Auntie Nellie

3. Are You Growing Tired Of My Love

4. So Ends Another Life

5. The Price Of Love

6. Little Miss Nothing

7. Down The Dustpipe


1. Face Without A Soul

2. In My Chair

3. Gerdundula

4. Tune To The Music

5. Good Thinking

6. Mean Girl

7. Everything

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