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NEW - Superheist, Ghosts of the Social Dead (Ltd Vinyl)

NEW - Superheist, Ghosts of the Social Dead (Ltd Vinyl)


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Ghosts of the Social Dead is the third album from Australian nu metal band Superheist, released on 28 October 2016.[1] The album was announced on 26 June 2016 via social media, and a music video was released for the track "Hands Up High" on the band's YouTube channel on 10 August 2016. The second single "Fearing Nothing" was released on 7 October. The third single Wolves in your Headspace and accompanying music video was released on November 27


Track listing

All music composed by DW Norton and Ezekiel Ox.

No. Title Length

1. "Wolves in Your Head Space" 4:06

2. "Back to Base" 3:51

3. "Fearing Nothing" 3:53

4. "Running Away" 4:22

5. "Flick the Switch" 4:05

6. "The Deepend" 4:11

7. "This Truth" 4:01

8. "Hang Your Head" 3:29

9. "Let's Get Out of Here" 4:04

10. "Sweat/Swing" 3:09

11. "Hands Up High (iTunes Deluxe Edition)" 3:15

12. "$Laves (iTunes Deluxe Edition)" 3:28

13. "Make Me Suffer (iTunes Deluxe Edition)" 3:20

14. "We Are Coming (iTunes Deluxe Edition)" 3:38

15. "Lights (iTunes Deluxe Edition)" 4:10

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