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NEW - Thom Yorke, Anima (Orange) 2LP

NEW - Thom Yorke, Anima (Orange) 2LP


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Orange 140 gram double vinyl in a wide-spine single sleeve with an additional 10th track (Ladies & Gentlemen, Thank You for Coming).

A download card (320k MP3, 16- or 24-bit WAV) for the 9 track album is also included in the sleeve.

Definition of anima: an individual's true inner self that in the analytic psychology of C. G. Jung reflects archetypal ideals of conduct also: an inner feminine part of the male personality — compare ANIMUS, PERSONA.

A ‘one-reeler’ also entitled ANIMA will be available to watch exclusively via Netflix from June 27. The one-reeler, made by Paul Thomas Anderson, is set to three tracks from Thom’s new album.

Written by Thom Yorke and produced by Nigel Godrich. 




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1D / 62 Blunder Road Oxley, Brisbane 

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Track Listing

1 Traffic

2 Last I Heard (...He Was Circling the Drain)

3 Twist

4 Dawn Chorus

5 I Am a Very Rude Person

6 Not the News

7 The Axe

8 Impossible Knots

9 Runwayaway

10 Ladies & Gentleman, Thank You For Coming

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