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NEW - Tool, Undertow 2LP

NEW - Tool, Undertow 2LP

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Released: 11th July 2004

Reissue 2LP Version Of Tool's 'Undertow' Album, Including The Hits "Sober" And "Prison Sex!"

Arguably their finest album, this follow-up to the 'Opiate' EP showcases Tool at their best, assisted by clean, crisp production, without the muddiness of 'Aenima.' Edgy guitar riffs are complemented by spitting, heavy bass, especially on "Sober" and "Crawl Away."

Lyrically, Tool are at their vitriolic best, targeting religious hypocrisy ("Intolerance" and "Sober"), the loss of innocence and its consequences ("Prison Sex"), and deliberate ignorance ("Swamp Song"). Henry Rollins makes a guest appearance on "Bottom," which, along with "4 Degrees," deals with questions of identity.

'Undertow' is also Tool's most musically adventurous album, lacking the occasionally numbing sameness of 'Aenima,' and with considerably more sophistication than their previous work.


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Track Listing 

1. Intolerance

2. Prison Sex

3. Sober

4. Bottom

5. Crawl Away

6. Swamp Song

7. Undertow

8. 4"

9. Flood

10. Disgustipated

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