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Brand New Vinyl

NEW - T. Rex, Bolans Zip Gun LP

NEW - T. Rex, Bolans Zip Gun LP

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The essence of ZIP GUN remains firmly in the funky pastures which characterized ZINC ALLOY, with the only significant difference lying in the presentation. Decades on, each of Bolans latter day albums retain a hint of their original controversy, but hindsight lends them an impact (and, for what it's worth, a credibility) which contemporary listeners could have never imagined, and ZIP GUN, an album which scored the worst reviews of all, hits as hard as any of them.



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Track Listing

1. Light Of Love

2. Solid Baby

3. Precious Star

4. Token Of My Love

5. Space Boss

6. Think Zinc

7. Till Dawn

8. Girl In The Thunderbolt Suit

9. I Really Love You Babe

10. Golden Belt

11. Zip Gun Boogie

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