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NEW - Twenty One Pilots, Vessel (Silver) LP

NEW - Twenty One Pilots, Vessel (Silver) LP

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Released: 14th Jan 2022


Fueled By Ramen will be reissuing one seminal album from their 25 year history each month throughout the calendar year of 2022.

The iconic major-label debut from the inimitable twenty one pilots. Magical genre-chemistry throughout this record that signallled the band as something to be very excited about.

In its purest form, music acts as a conduit of self-expression that's free from the conventions of society, it's this spirit and fearlessness that lies at the core of twenty one pilots, a group whose musical vision is completely their own.

The Columbus, Ohio-based band started out like most acts, but instead of aimlessly touring they concentrated on their hometown base and before long they were selling out huge local venues. Over the past few years the duo of frontman Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun have built a hardcore and organic following that seems primed to reach a fever pitch with the release of their Fueled By Ramen debut Vessel.

For Vessel the band entered a real studio for the first time ever with Grammy nominated producer Greg Wells (Pharrell Williams, Weezer) to craft an album which merges elements of hip-hop, indie rock and punk in a way that's so seamless that you'll be rapping along one minute, and caught up in a lush orchestral line the next.

Limited Edition Silver LP



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Track Listing

1. Ode to Sleep

2. Holding on to You

3. Migraine

4. House of Gold

5. Car Radio

6. Semi-Automatic

7. Screen

8. The Run and Go

9. Fake You Out

10. Guns for Hands

11. Trees

12. Truce

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