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Brand New Vinyl

NEW - Zeolite, Proselytism (Coloured) LP

NEW - Zeolite, Proselytism (Coloured) LP


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Released: 29th October 2021

LIMITED TO 100 COPIES WORLDWIDE Persistence breeds Proselytism.

From Zeolite's humble Tasmanian beginnings, the now Melbourne based band's sound has evolved through groove oriented origins to a unique and distinctly dissonant take on technical death metal. With prior singles 'Indoctrinated' and 'Nightmare' having already been carved through earlier in the year, the relentlessness of this single 'Sculpture of Torment' has now been unleashed across streaming platforms everywhere. "To 'proselytise' is a concept detailing the minimal degrees of separation between mainstream religion, cultism, corporate entities and the tactics they use to seduce and control people," explains guitarist Grant McGuinness. "This concept is allegorically told across Proselytism with an eldritch twist." Proselytism is a gargantuan record, and began as a clean slate for new vocalist Daniel MacDonald, his absolutely searing bellow seamlessly shifting into raw hisses and inhuman distortions across the ten tracks.

Undoubtedly suffocating, the atmosphere that overhangs every second is discordant and harsh - a constant sense of dread and anxiety that leads to supercharged releases of jagged tension that set the band apart from their influences. We all know far too well that the future is uncertain, but having previously toured Australia in support of such acts as The Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted, Vulvodynia, and To The Grave, the bar has been set at a high level that is undeniably met by this release.

The world will further crumble in the wake of Proselytism on October 29, as the weight of it is pummeled into listeners all over the world via EVP Recordings.



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Track Listing

1. Hope Syndrome
2. Indoctrinated
3. Legion
4. Sculpture Of Torment
5. Depths Of The Fog
6. The Atrocious One
7. The Bellowing Void
8. Nightmare
9. Hecatomb
10. Deceit

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