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NEW - Alex Astronaut, Notes from the Astronaut

NEW - Alex Astronaut, Notes from the Astronaut


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In a song that intelligently transitions among targeted audiences, “Not Worth Hiding” is an anthem about accepting who you are. It begins autobiographically, starting with unsuccessfully hiding a “difference” at age 16 and concluding, at age 19, that it’s not worth hiding a preference:


Then, the anthem turns to others who share the preference. It’s here that the instrumental support is particularly praiseworthy. The impact of the message is enhanced by strategically scaling back the support, as first the percussion and then the acoustic guitar fall off during the lines:

But that cages that they’ve made us should soon just rust away

And this song just won’t need singing but for now I’ll let it play

Alex the Astronaut is the performance name of Alex Lynn. She is from Sydney, Australia, but is currently studying in New York. “Not Worth Hiding” is a single from her second EP, "See You Soon."

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